Announcing Our First Chameleon Colorist


We would like to welcome Monika Kuriata our first ever Colorist on the design team. You can find Monika’s blog here.

monika kuriata

Hi my name is Monika Kuriata! I am a Scottish artist with a passion originated in my Polish roots. Poland is in my heart for many reasons, I spent my childhood there and gained my art skills and experience. But for nearly a decade now together with my husband, two children as well as a dog, a cat and two guinea pigs enjoy a beautiful life in magical Scotland. Since I can remember I’ve been drawing, painting and making things for my family and friends. This passion still develops and became an incredible journey. Doing drawings, paintings, cards, dough sculpture and any other crafts fit perfectly in my healthy lifestyle. In the course of this life I also became a nail artist where I can express myself in specific nail art designs. However the real art is the way I want to go. So looking forward to working with Chameleon Pens team which can make my art dreams come true. 2016 bring it on!

This is what Monica created with the Humming Bird, we love all the textural effects.

7. stage 6 and final one. Finishing rest of feathers and adding RD4 on the top of BV4 on the top of the headMaterials used: ‘humming bird’ design from the Nature Color cards set and Chameleon pens Warm Sunset, Spring Meadow, Blue Violet, Crimson Red and Aqua Marine.

  1.  I started to color the bird using crimson red RD4, Warm Sunset YO3 (I made some stripes on the belly of the bird) , and using Spring Meadow YG3 I did some patterns on the both sides of bird’s belly2. stage 2 colouring using blending colours YG3, YO3, RD4
  2. I colored some bird’s tail feathers in Aqua Marine BG4 and Spring Meadow YG3. And started coloring Bird’s wings using Blue Violet BV4 and Crismon Red RD4. Using Blue Violet BV4 I colored top of the head and under the beak making some patterns too.3. stage 3 colouring using YG3, BG4, RD4,BV4
  3. I added some Crismon Red RD4 patterns on the belly covering a little bit of the previous color Warm Sunset YO3. 4.stage 4 adding some red patterns on the belly of bird using RD4
  4. The long feathers on the bird’s tail are colored in two colors. First layer in Warm Sunset YO3 and second layer in Spring Meadow YG3. It helped to change color a little bit.5.stage 5 colouring long feathers using YO3 and YG3 over first colour
  5. Next stage of coloring the long feathers to show how color is changing.6. still stage 5 colouring long feathers
  6. It is the final look of my interpretation of Humming Bird. On the last stage I finished the long feathers adding the second layer of color (Spring Meadow YG3), I finished the wings using Crismon Red RD4 and Warm Sunset YO3.  And added some Crismon Red RD4 on the top of the bird’s head to change color from blue to dark blue.

Please leave Monica a warm welcome.

Welcome Our Final Design Team Member


Today we announce our final design team member and then next week we will be announcing our Colorist!

So a big warm welcome to Olesya Kharkova, you can view her blog here.


Hi my name is Olesya Kharkova, I’m from Russia. Live with my husband who supports me in my passion for papercrafting. I spend most of my time on cardmaking and coloring, almost every day. I like to tell a story with my projects and make images come alive with coloring, so to speak. Every single project means a lot to me. I have been papercrafting for about 5 years but found “my path” only in 2014. As for the year 2016 I’m looking forward to start working with new mediums, try new techniques and be successful in what I’m doing.

We have to say our jaws dropped when we saw what Olesya created with our Humming Bird from the Nature Color card collection.


Hummingbird project.
Supplies: Chameleon Pens, Aqua Marine, Spring Meadow, Crimson Red, Blue Violet and Warm Sunset. Other materials :thick printer paper, a piece of patterned paper, alpha stickers Capture Life Echo Park.
1. Color the middle part of the hummingbird’s breast with Blue Violet ( BV4) without infusing. Then infuse the pen for 5 sec and color the breast beginning from the edges moving to the middle. And blend to reach smooth colouring.

2. Color the inner part of the body, the part under the beak with Aqua Marine (BG4) without infusing to intensify the shadows. Color the same spots with Spring Meadow (YG3) without infusing, blending the colors to reach a new shade of color. Then infuse Spring Meadow (YG3) for 7 sec and color the leaving white space beginning from the edges to the middle.

3. For the short feathers of the tail and the beak use Crimson Red (RD4) for the bright shadows, blend it with Warm Sunset (YO3). Then infuse Warm Sunset (YO3) for 5 sec and color from the edges to the middle. To add some texture make dots with bullet nib of Crimson Red (RD4) pen.

4. Wing and long tail: use Blue Violet ( BV4) without infusing, with Aqua Marine (BG4) also without infusing on top of the blue then infuse Spring Meadow (YG3) for 7 sec and color from the edges to the middle and blend the color together for smooth colouring.

5. Use Spring Meadow (YG3) for the feathers of the wings infused for 10 sec and Warm Sunset (YO3) at the bottom infused for 4 sec.
6. To add some texture use the bullet nib of the corresponding color and make some dots big and small randomly.

7. To add some additional texture or imitate shine use a white gel pen.

8. Prepare the background: I took a coloring page, coloured it in the same way. Sponged the edges with Tumbled Glass distress inks and sprinkled some water to reach watery look. Added some dots with a white gel pen.
9. Cut the bird leaving small white borders.
10. Adhere the hummingbird on top of the front panel with a foam tape leaving it a little bit hung over.
11. Place the alpha stickers at the bottom of the panel and adhere it to a piece of patterned paper.

This project is just bursting with color and was created using only five Chameleon pens, please leave some welcome love for Olesya.

Today We Welcome Back One More Design Team Member


Today we welcome back Ekaterina Oleinik to the design team, you can follow her blog here.


Good day, my name is Ekaterina Oleinik. I live in the Ukraine, in the city of Khmelnitsky . I am 29 years old and I am a wife and mother . By profession I am a design-technologist in clothing.  Professionally engaged in scrapbooking for 6 years. The last few years I have been keen on the technology of coloring of different illustrations.  Chameleon Pens are perfect for this purpose. I am very glad to be back on the design team and I hope that I will make you happy and inspire you with my work with Chameleon Pens.

Ekaterina has created some wonderful overlays and blended colors using the Chameleon pens on the Humming Bird design from our Nature Color Card collection.


Please give Ekaterina a warm welcome back.

Craft Month Competition

Have you heard about our March competition for  Craft Month ? Click on the image below for details on how to enter!


Announcing Another New Design Team Member


We want to give a warm welcome to Leah Cornelius,  you can enjoy more of her work here on her blog.


Hi! I’m Leah Cornelius and am a wife of 16 years to a wonderfully supportive husband and together we have three amazing kids that I am blessed to home school. When my first born was a baby a friend introduced me to the paper crafting world and I was hooked. I’d always loved arts and crafts from childhood and this was the perfect fit for me. That was nine years ago and I am still as passionate about it today. I am so thrilled to be on the Chameleon Pens Design Team this year and look forward to continuing to grow and share creative inspiration with the paper crafting community. Paper hugs!

Leah used overlays and non blended colors to color her humming bird from our Nature Color Cards.


I enjoy coloring but want my image to look and feel cohesive when I am done with it, so I find that it is worth a bit of planning because it makes the actual process of coloring more relaxing and I am usually much happier with my final result. Here I made a little chart to work out where I wanted my light source to be, my colors, where they would go as well as little swatches to remind me of how long to charge the colors. This is also helpful in case you are not able to color an entire image in one sitting. This way you can come back at a later time and not worry about having to remember what you were doing! I also made the fun discovery of a few colors that when layered together gave a beautiful new color.


I began with the tail feathers and first colored them all with BG4 charging the pen for 10 seconds. I then went back over the tail feathers with YG3, charging for 6 seconds and layering the color over the edges so that the BG4 color still showed as well.


On the upper part of the tail feathers I first colored with RD4 charging for 10 seconds and then went back over in the same manner as before with YO3 charging for 6 seconds.


I colored the feet with pure color using YO3.For the outside of the body I used BV4 charging for 4 seconds. The feathers under the throat used RD4 charging for 5 seconds. Since this part of the bird would be more in the shadow I didn’t want as high a contrast. The beak and yellow tips of the wings were colored in YO3 and charged for 5 seconds. The wing feathers were colored with BG4 and RD4 each charged for 5 seconds.


I continued to color finishing up the head area with BV4 on the eye which was charged for 10 seconds and on top of the head which was charged for only 4 seconds. The feathers that wrap around the belly where done in BG4 charged for 5 seconds and the belly was done in YG3 and charged for 10 seconds in sections so as to get a smooth blend. Now that all my colors were laid down the final touch was to heighten the contrast so that it really came alive.


To get the high contrast I went back in with pure color from each pen I used and deepened where the darkest shadows would be. The fine brush nibs are wonderful for this as they offer a lot of control and I had no issue with feathering or bleeding. ​

Please leave a warm welcome for Leah today, we look forward to seeing her inspiration over the coming months on the blog.


Lets Welcome Back Another Design Team Member


We are excited to welcome back Annette Allen to our design team for another year, you can see Annette’s work here.

Annette - 1

Hi, my name is Annette Allen from myclevercreations and I am so excited to be a designer for Chameleon once again. I live in Colorado and I am a stay at home wife.  I have been crafting since 1997 and blogging since 2010. I enjoy many different crafts but my passion is card making and coloring. With this new year my goal is to start making videos. I look forward to inspiring and being inspired this new year.  Life is good and I am blessed. Now lets get crafty.

We love how Annette has given our Humming Bird from the Nature Color Card set rainbow wings.

Chameleon 2.1 - 1

Supplies: Chameleon Color Tone Pens: Aqua Marine (BG4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Blue Violet (BV4), Crimson Red (RD4) and Warm Sunset (YO3), Neenah white card-stock and Ikea frame.


1. Beak is colored with BG4 and YG3. Infuse colors for 5 seconds first coloring BG4 then YG3 directly over BG4.

2. Body of the bird is colored with YO3, YG3 and BV4. Infuse each color before coloring for 10 seconds. Center of birds body is colored with BV4, YG3 and YO3 layered. Blending the colors creates for a fun new color.

3. The feathers are colored using BG4,YG3, BV4, RD4 and YO3. Infuse each color before coloring each feather for 5 seconds.

5. Trim image to fit in frame.

Chameleon 2.2 - 1

Please give Annette a warm welcome back.

Announcing Another Member of Our Design Team


Please give a warm welcome to Tanya Batrak, you can find more inspiration on Tanya’s blog here.


Hi My name is Tanya Batrak,  I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a mom to one cute little girl and a wife to a wonderful man. I have a passion for paper crafting, watercolour, photography, travelling and sometimes cooking. I run a craft blog and a site about scrapbooking. Few years ago I quit my office job and became a freelance graphic designer.

This is what Tanya did with our Humming Bird from the Nature Color Card collection, the use of color to create shadow is so clever.


  1. I started with the left wing and colored using Warm Sunsetyellow (YO3). I infused the pen for 10 seconds to get the gorgeous ombre effect.tanyabatrak_bird_2
  2. Repeat the process with the right wing. Then I added a bit of green (YG3) to the left wing of the humming bird.tanyabatrak_bird_2
  3. After coloring the smaller feathers on the left wing with YO3 , I decided to mix it with Crimson Red (RD4) by touching  the bottom of the wings  slightly. tanyabatrak_bird_3
  4. I continued to color the left wing by adding the same crimson red colour and Blue Violet (BV4) colour. tanyabatrak_bird_4
  5. I decided to add more blue and painted ombre stripes on the both sides of the bird’s body. tanyabatrak_bird_5
  6. And the last steps – adding yellow and blue colours to the rest of the body and tail.


Tanya shows us how you can use Chameleon pens to build up color and create shading by using the overlay technique.

Thanks for joining us, please leave some love to welcome Tanya to the team.



Announcing Our Next Design Team Member


We are excited to welcome back one of our designers from last year today, please give a warm welcome back to Ilina Crouse you can see more of her amazing work here.


My name is Ilina Crouse and I have been married for almost 11 years and am proud mommy of two girls ( 2 and 4 year old) and a little baby boy (10 months old). I work full time as an electrical and proposal engineer for Siemens Energy. I have been crafting since I was kid. My passion is rubber stamping and coloring with different kind of mediums (watercolors, colored pencils, distress inks, alcohol markers etc). Once my first child was born I started enjoying making more clean and simple (CAS) designs using different techniques and incorporating coloring. I am looking forward serving for another term as Design Team member and sharing my creations and more so looking forward for a busy year coloring with Chameleon Pens!

This is what Ilina created with our Humming Bird design from our Nature Color Cards set.


Supplies: Chameleon Pens Aqua Marine (BG4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Blue Violet (BV4), Crimson Red (RD4), Warm Sunset (YO3), Neenah White card stock.


  1. Take the humming bird color card.
  2. Color your image using your Chameleon pens
    • Using the YO3 pen color the beak and the feet of the humming bird. For the beak infuse the brush tip side of the pen with the toning medium for about 4 seconds and color the beak. For the feet infuse the bullet tip of your pen with the toning medium for 2 seconds and color each feet (re-infuse for the second foot)
    • Color the top of the head using the YG3 pen by infusing the brush tip for 4 seconds with the toning medium. Do the same for the around the eyes and part of the wing that is colored with the YG3 pen. (the infusing time is 4 seconds for each part)
    • Color the belly of the humming bird using the YG3 pen by infusing the brush tip for 9-10 seconds and start coloring from the middle towards the left, then re-infuse your pen for the same amount of time and color from the middle towards the right.
    • Color the part above the eyes and around the beak using your RD4 pen. For above the eyes infuse the brush tip of your pen for 3 seconds and color from the center towards the left, re-infuse and color from the center towards the right. For the part around the beak infuse the brush tip of your pen for 5 seconds and color from the middle towards the left, then re-infuse for the same amount of time and color from the center towards the right
    • Color the tail and the parts around the belly of the humming bird using your BG4 pen. For the small parts close to the eyes and the right side of the belly infuse the brush tip of the pen for 3 seconds (and 2 seconds for the part on the right side-below the eye) and then color starting from the bottom going up.

For the part next to the belly infuse your pen (brush tip) for 5-6 seconds and color from the middle towards the left, re-infuse and color from the middle towards the right

For the tail, for each part infuse the brush tip of your pen for about 5 seconds (you can do 4 seconds for the smaller parts) and color them starting from the bottom going up.

    • Use your BV4 pen to color the wings of the humming bird. For the smaller parts infuse the brush tip of the pen for 4-5 seconds and color from the ends towards the inside. For the larger area infuse the brush tip of your pen for 7-8 seconds and color from the top to  the root of the wing.


Ilina has given the humming bird a colorful tropical outlook with just 5 Chameleon pens, what colors would you use on this design?

The First Of Our New Design Team


This has been such a challenge for the judges this year, the wealth of talented crafters has made it difficult to pick our final team.  We would like to thank everyone that entered, all the entries we received were of such a high standard, if you didn’t make the team this year please don’t give up, we will have another call next year! Today we will introduce the first of the people that made it!

Please give a warm welcome to Monica Maldarella, you can find her personal blog here.


Hi! I’m Monica (aka Mybonnetbee), a full time mum of two happy kids and a crafter in the time that I can steal from home duties. I live in Vigevano, a beautiful city in the West-Northern part of Italy, and I work as a stamping teacher in a shop in Milan. My passions are crocheting and card-making, especially the pop-up ones and watercolouring. Chameleon pens are my first alcohol markers and I love them! I’m very happy to be part of the Chameleon Design Team and I hope we will have much fun together with lots of creative projects!

We asked the new team to do their own take on the Humming Bird design from the Nature Color Cards set, this is what Monica came up with, we jar low how she had blended the red and the blue on the beak!


Chameleon pens used: Blue Violet (BV4), Aqua Marine (BG4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Warm Sunset (YO3) and Crimson Red (RD4).


1) Using the BG4 Chameleon pen, start from the body of the humming bird: infuse the pen for 12 seconds and colour the chest from the centre to the external edge.


2) Repeat on the other side of the chest: in this way the light reflects in front of the hummingbird.


3) Using the same pen, colour the body around the eye infusing the pen for about 6 seconds.


4) With YG3, colour the left side of the body starting from the zone near the wing. Infuse the pen for 10 seconds.


5) Going on with the same pen, colour the inner part of the wing from the top to the bottom infusing the pen for 8 seconds. Do the same with the body band near the wing.


6) With the YG3 pen, colour the feathers near the tail: 5 seconds infusion each. Then colour the empty areas of the right side of the body: 5 seconds infusion each again.


7) With the same colour, fill the external part of the right wing (6 seconds infusion for both areas); then, fill the upper area of the head infusing for 8 seconds, and the external area of the eye infusing for 6 seconds. With BV4 pen, colour the area under the beak, moving from the centre to the external edge (like we did for the chest). Infuse the pen for 6 seconds.



8) With BV4 pen, colour the area under the beak, moving from the centre to the external edge (like we did for the chest). Infuse the pen for 6 seconds.


9) With the same pen, colour the area between the eyes infusing for 4 seconds.  Starting by the tip, colour each feather of the tail infusing the BV4 pen for 10 seconds.  With the same pen, colour the tip of the beak infusing for 4 seconds. Colour also the birds feet infusing for 3 seconds.

10) With YO3 pen, colour the inner part of the wing: infuse for 7 seconds. for each feather. Repeat for the external part of the right wing of the humming bird. Repeat for the inner part of the right wing, infusing for 5 seconds. for each feather.


11) With RD4 pen, colour the empty area of the beak, starting by the edge of the blue area and colouring top-down. Infuse for 6 seconds. Then add some 3-D effect to the wings by blending red and yellow. To do so, add some RD4 to the inner parts of the feathers, infusing for 5 seconds each.


12) Intensify the shadows of each tone using the pure colour: RD4 and BV4 for the beak, BV4 for the tail and the paws, RD4 for the wings, YG3 for the feathers near the tail.

If you would like to have a go at coloring this humming bird, the color cards can be found in our shop here.

Please give Monica a big welcome and leave a comment at the end of this post, we will be back soon introducing another member of the Chameleon team.



3D paper piecing valentine card with Chameleon Pens

Today we have a guest post by Monica Maldarella, she tells us what inspired her to create this cute design. “Seeing love cards everywhere in this period inspires me, I love the cute Penny Black mice, so I altered one to send love wishes to all the world”

lovewishesby Monica

Materials Used: Chameleon Pens: Hot Cocoa (BR2), Cool Gray (CG8), Bisque (NU1), Spring Meadow (YG3), Warm Sunset (YO3), Crisom Red (RD4), Stamps: Penny Black (Cheesecake Wish) and Lawn Fawn (Science of Love, Milk and Cookies), Ink pad: Memento Tuxedo Black, Card: Neenah Solar White card, white watercoloring card stock, black card stock, Watercolors, White gel pen, White embossing powder, Embossing tools, fine tip scissors, gel glue, Little heart die.


Using the watercolored medium and colors you prefer, prepare a background on 4 11⁄16 x 1⁄2” (12 x 8.7 cm) white card stock. Then stamp the Penny Black mouse image with Memento ink.


Using the brush nib of Cool Gray, color the edges of the image.


Stamp 4 mice with Memento black on the Neenah card. Color them with the nib brush of each Chameleon Pen like shown in the picture; then cut each part with a fine tip scissors, and give them a curved shape by using the proper sized embossing tool on the back.


Following the order as shown in the picture, glue the white and gray mouse image on the watercolored background and the following parts on this one.

Add a light spot with the white gel pen on the mouse cheek.


Using the brush nib, infuse the Crisom Red pen for 3 seconds, color a strip of a white Neenah card, and cut some little hearts with a die (in this example punched hearts were used). Glue the hearts over the dandelion seeds.

lovewishes5Complete the card with the sentiment embossed in white, and a little heart embellishment.

We love how Monica has combined the water color with Chameleon pens, what a perfect way for us to wish all our readers a Happy Valentines!