Soft Pink Rose Card

Today we have a post from one of our previous design team members, Monica. We are so happy to welcome her back for this guest post.  Monica has created a beautiful feminine soft pink rose card using just five Chameleon pens!

By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “When I think of flowers, I think of roses. They are so beautiful and the scent is so sweet, that I cannot help loving them.”

If you would like to see how she created this beautiful Rose Card you can download the instructions here.

Thanks for visiting us today and a special thanks to Monica for being our guest host today.

Celebrate Spring

We are joined today by guest designer Monica with a fresh celebrate spring card.

By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “I am a big fan of Marika Rahtu work, and I love her style. Chameleon pens are perfect for the no-line stroke coloring technique.”

To see how to recreate this no-line coloring technique download Monica’s Celebrate Spring Card instructions here.


Valentines Rose

Today is considered one of the most romantic days of the year…yes it is Valentines day.  Did you give or receive any cards or is your home now filled with the scent of roses?  If not we have a beautiful vellum rose, to share our love of all our Chameleonites on the blog!

By Leah Cornelius

Leah has worked her magic using vellum to create this beautiful rose card design, she said “Flowers are quite possibly my favorite thing. I love all types and all colors, but I do tend to gravitate to the old classic of roses. I love the translucency of vellum and though it would pair perfectly with a beautiful rose and the gorgeous Chameleon pens bring it to life.”

If you would like to see how to use Chameleon pens with vellum you can download the Vellum Rose Card instructions here.

Sending you all love today from the Chameleon Team!


Valentines & Glitter

What would make the perfect Valentines day card for a crafter?  Now please don’t all shout at once…was that glitter I heard?

Yes we have the ultimate Valentines day handmade card by Sandra, incorporating every crafter’s favourite material Glitter and of course Chameleon Pens and Color Tops!

By Sandra Kustić Uzur

Sandra said “We know different kinds of love and certainly we love a lot of people so therefore we make a lot of cards with this theme. Valantine’s day is the most magical day of all year. On this day we express our love to your best halves. They deserve a special gift like is this card. It’s colorful and sparkly and who can resist to that. I know for sure that this card represent my view of love, it’s Magical.”

Why not see how to create these cool ombre hearts……

Colorful Valentine’s Day Hearts by Sandra from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

You too can create a sparkly Colorful Hearts Valentines card, just click the link below to download the instructions.

Eat Pizza

Today is NATIONAL PIZZA DAY.  A popular favorite of many of us is Pizza, but did you know not only can you eat it you can also make a pizza themed card with a hidden message….how cool is that!  Tanya shows you how using Chameleon pens.

By Tanya Batrak

Tanya said “I wanted to make a card with this sentiment for a long time. I thought it would be funny to make an interactive disk card looking like a real pizza. All pieces are colored with the amazing Chameleon pens!”

We love the interactive element on this card, if you would like to see how to create your own Pizza card you can download the instructions here.


Valentines Card

Whether you are young or old, Valentines day is a chance to express love for that special someone, it may be a gift or something more personal like a handmade Valentines card.

Olesya shares a romantic card that reminds us how wonderful it is to grow old together.

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya explained that on the 14th of February it is not only Valentine’s Day but also her parents-in –law wedding anniversary, so this card is perfect for both occasions.  She said I love coloring clothes, Chameleon pens and pencils in combination work brilliant to pop up the texture of any material or fabric folds.

If you would like to re-create Olesya’s card you can download the free Love Is card here.

Don’t forget you it is less than a week to get your valentines creations made, why not share your Chameleon inspired valentines cards with us on our Facebook page.

Double Sided Bookmark

Hello, guest designer Monica Maldarella joins us today to share how to create a cute double sided bookmark.

By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “Bookmarks are the perfect match for presents like books, copybooks and planners. I create them every time for my kids. I love the amazing dimensional result I can achieve with just one Chameleon pen!”

They look great just tucked into the page of a book too!

If you would like to create some Double Sided Bookmarks you can download the full instructions here.

Create a Spinner Card

Hello everyone, we are super excited to share with you this great tutorial on how to make a spinner card with your Chameleon Color Tone Pens with guest designer Monica.

By Monica Maldarella

Why not watch what happens when you open this kinetic card!

Spinner Card by Monica Maldarella from Chameleonpens on Vimeo.

Monica said for her inspiration ” I love to surprise my kids with dynamic birthday cards: theirs reaction is amazing! I made this spinner card for my 8 years old daughter.”

You too can recreate this moving Spinner Card marvel by downloading the instructions here.

Butterfly Necklace

The saying goes “New Year, New You” so why not create a new look by accessorising your outfits with handmade jewellery? Today we are joined by guest designer Monica Maldarella, Monica is one of our design team alumini and has popped in to share this stunning butterfly necklace, colored with Chameleon Pens.

By Monica Maldarella

Monica said “The shrinking plastic is a very versatile material and I have much fun with it. Chameleon pens are perfect to color it. For this project I got lots of shading using just two pens!”

The butterfly is so pretty we couldn’t resist showing you a close up picture too.

If you would like to recreate your own Butterfly Necklace you can download the instructions here.

DIY Stencilling

Today we have more new ideas/techniques for you to try. Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to create your own stencils?  We asked design team member Olesya to show you how to create a stencil and then turn it into a card.

By Olesya Kharkova

Olesya said “Magic theme is a great theme to spread your imagination and feel free to think out something unbelievable. I love bright Chameleon pens to make my magic elements more magnetic. ”

To see how to create your own stencil you can download the DIY stenciling card instructions here.