Silk Roses and Poppies

We are so excited to share with two silk projects by Ekaterina, the warmth in the Roses gives them a  wonderful look and the Poppies just pop!


By Ekaterina Oleinik

Materials used:
Chameleon Color Tones Pens Deluxe Set; Crimson Red RD4, Warm Sunset YO3, Olive Green OL3, Cool Gray CG8, Colorless Blender CB,
1) Define where there are dark areas in the petals and leaves then colour the flowers


2)  Use the Colorless Blender CB and the Brush Nib to direct the color in the necessary direction. In the dark areas of a petal, use Crimson Red RD4, and in light Warm Sunset YO3. Use the Colorless Blender CB  to combine two colors in the middle.
3) Use Olive Green OL3 and Colorless Blender CB for leaves and Cool Gray CG8 and colorless blender CB for the frame around flowers.


Materials used:
Chameleon Color Tones Pens Deluxe Set; Crimson Red RD4, Warm Sunset YO3, Olive Green OL3, colorless blender CB,
1) Define where there are dark areas. In a dark area of a petal use Crimson Red RD4. Use the colorless blender CB and a brush nib to direct color in the necessary direction.
2) Use Olive Green OL3 and colorless blender CB for leaves and then use Warm Sunset YO3 and colorless blender CB for a frame round flowers.


We love these silk projects but remember Chameleon pens will work on most fabrics, so why not use them to jazz up your wardrobe this summer!


Fridge Magnets and Page Planner Separators using Illusion Film

Kasia has created two projects for us today using illusion film; a separator for a planner and a magnet for the fridge. We love these cool ideas!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W


By Kasia Frezja
kasia said “I decided to color the film just at the edge of the petals because I like the natural look of this film, yeey :)”

Supplies: Chameleon Color Tone Pens: Aqua Marine (BG4), Bubble Gum (PK3), Rowlux Illusion Film.


1) Die cut big shot flowers from Illusion film, keep the waste as you can use as a stencil.

2) For the page separators glue together 2 larger flowers , make holes and then color around the edges of the petals with the Aquamarine Chameleon marker, use the bullet nib and don’t infuse to get a strong vibrant color.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W


The page separators are now ready to add to your journal.




3)  To make a fridge magnet  paste 3 different sized flowers together, attatch the magnet behind the flowers and paint edges of petals with chameleon Bubble Gum pen. Add a sparkly gem to the centre to finish.

We just love how the petals grab the notes on the fridge, now you can make your own blossoming fridge designs!


Silk Chameleon Roses

Hi Crafters!
Monica here, sharing a newly found love “Silk Screen” art.  I received a couple of printed images on what is called silk screen and I thought to myself “oh goodness now what can I do with this?!”  Until now, I had never even seen the art before but, immediately I fell in love with.  So in love I am ordering a couple pieces, available here!
As you color on the material with your Chameleon pens you will see the color begin to bleed through the material. I kept thinking oh my gosh, it is not going to stop, but there is an item called “Gutta” which is the gold lining you see along the outside of the image.  This lining or “Gutta” keeps the color from bleeding outside of the lines.

I used Chameleon Pen V04 to color the flower petals and YG3 and GR3 to color the leaves.  As I colored the petals I infused each time for approximately 10 secs and infused the petals for about 6 seconds.

I then took my blender pen laying down some of the solution to bleed through the purple color, this gives it lighter coloring.  Afterwards I used a couple of my Spellbinder dies to create the base of the card.  Matting the centerpiece with a piece of purple paper from Creative Memories.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my post and be sure to come back and check out the other amazing Silkcraft art cards from the design team.

Butterfly Hair Slides and Matching Card

Ilina joins us today with an awesome gift idea using Rowlux Illusion Film.

Yes your eyes do not deceive you! She has created butterfly hair slides with a matching card!


By Ilina Crouse

Chameleon Pen Deluxe set, Rowlux Illusion Film, Neenah white card stock, Beautiful Butterflies dies (Papertrey ink),Beautiful Butterflies stamp set (Papertrey ink), Beautiful Utique accessories stamp set (Papertrey ink), Boutique accessories card die set (Papertrey ink), hair clips, Peek a Frame die set (Mama Elephant), sequins.Butterflies layers stamp set (Papertrey ink), Beautiful Butterflies layers dies (Papertrey ink), Purple ombre ink pad (Hero Arts), Mint to Green Ombre ink pad (Hero Arts), Staz-on ink pad in Jet Black. BoDie cut butterflies and antennae’s.


1) Color patches on Illusion film (large enough to die cut butterflies. Use 2 butterflies per hair clip. Cut the patches so you can run them through your die cutting machine. I used the following Chameleon Pens : Sky Blue – BL3, Aqua Marine – BG4, Deep Violet – VO4, Purple Grape – PR4, Bubble Gum – PK3, Deep Black – BK4







2)Die cut butterflies and antennae’s











3) Stamp dots on the butterflies. Then layer the butterflies and then adhere the antennae’s using glue dots.

IMG_5263 IMG_5266






4) Using heat gun or glue dots adhere the butterflies on the hair clips.
5) Die cut the accessory cards from white card stock, and stamp the images on top of each card.
6) Adhere the front card to the back and attach the hairclips.









7) For the card die cut the front window using the Peek a Frame die set and adhere it to your card front ( 4 ¼” x 11”), stamp the sentiment then adhere the butterflies and then the sequins.












What a great way to jazz up a hair clip or a card! What else do you think these butterflies would be perfect for?

You Are Loved Silk Card

Hi, Ilina here with this striking silk card.


Silkcraft pre-printed silk design, Chameleon Deluxe Pen set, Basic Black card stock (Stampin’ Up!), White card stock (Neenah), Candy Dots (Stampin’ Up!), Magnolia vintage labels 9 stamp set (Just Rite stampers), Versafine onix black ink pad.

1) Start by coloring your silk image:

  • For the flowers I infused my pen for 20 seconds (brush nib) and used the following colors: Seville Orange OR4, Purple Grape PR4 and Aqua Marine BG4. For the Seville Orange flower; after I colored the petals, I went in with the Crimson Red RD4 pen (bullet nib) and with a flicking motion I colored the center of the the petals. Then went over the flower again with my Seville Orange and colored it infusing the pen 20 seconds (for each petal)
  • I colored the background with the Deep Black pen using the brush nib with no infusion.
  • Last but not the least I colored the frame, using the Olive Green pen OL3 with a 15 second infusion for each half section, then starting from the center I colored either towards the left or right, then repeated the same for the opposite side.

2) Cut your card base from black card stock measuring 4 ¼” x 11” (Scored in half at 5 ½” )
3) Cut 5 ½” x 4 ¼” piece of basic black card stock and cut a square 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” at ¼” from the top and sides. Then cut 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” white card stock and cut 3 5/8” x 3 5/8” square in the middle.
4) Trim your silk image to fit in the window you created in step 2.
5) Adhere the white window under the black one, so you can see little white trim. Then using glue dots adhere the silk image underneath.
6) Adhere the whole panel onto the card base.
7) Cut into a rectangle to fit the sentiment and stamp the sentiment.
8) Add your candy dots to the sides and adhere it to your card.


You are done! Enjoy!

Sun Catcher

Sun Catcher 1.1

Sun Catcher by: Annette Allen.

Supplies:- Chameleon Color Tone Pens: Seville Orange (OR4), Aqua Marine (BG4), Royal Blue (BL6), Crimson Red (RD4) and Spring Meadow (YG3). Rowlux Illusion Film, Ranger (Archival Ink Jet Black), The Twinery (Stone), Mama Elephant (Filigree stamp set), Eyelets and 3-D Glue Dots.


Sun Catcher 1.5

1. Stamp image on back of Rowlux Illusion Film.

Sun Catcher 1.6

2. Color images using Chameleon Color Tone Pens on front side.

3.Color each image differently.

Sun Catcher 1.7

4. Trim each of the images leaving just a hint of white.


Sun Catcher 1.8

5. Adhere small image to center of large with 3-D Glue Dot.

6. Punch hole at top and bottom of two images.

7. Punch hole only at the top of third image. Add Eyelets in the holes.


Sun Catcher 1.9

8.Lastly using some twine, link all three images together.

Sun Catcher 1.2 Sun Catcher 1.3 Sun Catcher 1.4



A Silky Tag

Hi Everyone it is Kasia here, I had great fun coloring on silk with my Chameleon pens.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Chameleon Color Tones Pens Deluxe Set; Seville Orange OR4, Warm Sunset YO3, Summer Sun YL2, Grass Green GR3, Olive Green OL3, silk gutta square.

Preparing this card is very easy:-
1. Color image and give special attention to the smears. Chameleon pens  react differently on paper
2. From simple cardboard base front cut a rectangle
3. Paste inside the base rectangle
4. From inside for cover use a piece of cardboard
5.  Put an inscription and voila:)

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Chameleon Pens Meets Illusion Film

Hi everyone, Monica here sharing an interesting new and amazing product called Rowlux Illusion Film.


This film is almost like a piece of plexi-glass but thinner and gorgeous in comes in a mulititude of patterns and is so shimmery. To really see the true beauty of it you must purchase some for yourself. You can emboss, cut, put through a diecut machine, and most important color them with your Chameleon Pens for an amazing color.



Now on to my project. I created a white on white card with just a touch of color from my Chameleon Pens.

First I ran the material through my Sizzix Bigkick machine and punched out these cheery Lynn Magnolia flowers as shown here.


I then took my Chameleon pen V04 and colored each flower. For the flower centers I infused for about 10 seconds so you could see a gradual color change in the flowers.


Once I had all the flowers colored I then took my embossing gun and heat set the flowers. What is so nice is that the material begins to bend and curl the longer it is applied under the heat. This gave the flower an amazing shape.


I then put all the elements together to give the finished card shown below.


I hope everyone enjoyed my post and thanks so much for stopping by!


Chameleons and Silk The Perfect Match

Hi Everyone, Isha has been playing with her Chameleon Pens on silk and the results are stunning, just think you could customise your clothes, home furnishings and maybe even your other half’s Tie!



Materials used:
Chameleon Color Tones Pens Deluxe Set; Crimson Red (RD4), Bubble Gum (PK3), Purple Grape (PR4), Summer Sun (YL2), Seville Orange (OR4), Warm Sunset (YO3), Deep Violet (VO4), Sky Blue (BL3), Blue Violet (BV4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Colorless Blender (CB), Gutta’d silk image.
White Cardstock: Recollections; 3D foam square by Scrapbook Adhesives
Die: Lil’ Inker Designs stitched mat square


1) Start with the pink/ red flower. Use brush tip of Red marker and infuse it for 30 seconds. Color from top of the petal to the base. Now color towards the base of the petal using Purple Grape marker using feathering strokes. Take the Bubble Gum pink and color from base to the top of the petals using feather strokes. Pink will help spread and soften the red color.

2) For the blue flower. Use Blue Violet towards the base of the flower keeping feather strokes. Now use Sky Blue brush tip to blend using feathering movement from the base towards the petal tip.

3) For the Orange flower, using the brush tip of orange marker and infusion time of 35 seconds, color the petals from top to the base. Now color using Deep Violet towards the base of the petal using brush tip and feather strokes. Use Summer Sun marker and blend using brush tip and feather strokes from the base of the petal to the tip. This will blend the violet and orange.

4) For the green area around the flowers, use Spring Meadow brush tip and infusion time of about 40 seconds, color from near the flowers towards the corners. Repeat for all the 3 corners. Now take colorless blender and color in circular motion in the green area, from the flower side towards the corner. This will push the green color a bit and give it a nice uniform look.

5) For the four corner square, color using Blue Violet brush tip and infusion time of 8 seconds. For the orange stripes, first color using Warm Sunset marker brush tip and infusion time of 22 seconds. color from edge to centre.  Now take the Orange marker and color using the brush tip in the whole stripe.
Overlaying the colors allows you to make new colors!

6)For the flower centers use Summer Sun and Orange markers.

7)Cut a white card base and adhere the silk piece to the center. Cut a white square frame using 2 square dies and adhere it onto the card using 3D foam square.



Such a beautiful finish is achieved and the fabric remains soft once coloured!

Final Day of the Avery Elle ~ Chameleon Pen Blog Hop



Today We would like to say thank you to Avery Elle  for the blog hop, we have had such fun playing along with their products and have seen some fabulous projects from both teams, as a way of saying thanks we have two more Projects from Annette and Ilina.

Avery Elle 1.5


by Annette

Chameleon Pens: Bubble Gum (PK3), Spring Meadow (YG3) and Purple Grape (PR4). Other Supplies: Avery Elle Look Up stamp set,  Thank You Die, The Neutral Collection 6×6 paper pad, The Everyday Collection 6×6 paper pad, Tsukineko Memento tuxedo black ink pad, Misc foam adhesives and Neenah white card-stock.

1. Make card from card-stock

2. Stamp images on separate piece of card-stock. Infusing each color for 10 second then color images.

3. Trim images leaving a hint of white around the edges. Cut a piece of Avery Elle’s designer paper and adhere to card base.

Avery Elle 1.6


4. Cut another piece of Avery Elle’s designer paper and layer using foam adhesives for dimension.

5. Die cut sentiment 4 times and layer. Die cut sentiment on foam and adhere to back of sentiment layers.

6. Adhere colored images to card using foam adhesives again giving a little dimension.  Finally adhere sentiment to card.

ilinacrouse_wegotogether1_1By Ilina


Chameleon Pens Deluxe set, Crimson Red (RD4), Olive Green (OL3), Fawn (NU3), Hot Cocoa (BR2), Purple Grape (PR4), Spring Meadow (YG3), Bubble Gum (PK3) Bark (BR5), Avery Elle We go together stamp setFinished frames elle-ments die set, Neenah white card stock, Memento Tuxedo Black ink pad, Stampin’ Up! white bakery twine, Avery Elle Note cards: the lucky collection, the natural collection, the royal collection, the sugar collection


1) Die cut layers using the finished frames die (largest one) from white card stock.
2) Stamp images and color:
– hearts: color with the Crimson red-RD4 by infusing the pen for each heart for 5-6 seconds.
– martini and olives: olives-Olive Green OL3 by infusing it for about 4 seconds (use bullet nib), martini- Fawn-NU3 pen by infusing it for 5 seconds.
-Cookies and milk: cookie- Hot cocoa-BR2 by infusing it for 7 seconds and the milk using the Fawn -NU3 by infusing it for 8-10seconds
– PB & J -Purple grape-PR4 – infuse it for 4 seconds, Hot cocoa -BR3 infuse it for 5-7 seconds, Fawn – NU3 (bread) -infuse it for 3-4 seconds
-Doughnut and coffee- Spring meadow – YG3 (for the coffee cup) – infuse it for 10-15 seconds, Bubble Gum -PK3 – infuse it for 4-5 seconds, Bark -BR5 – infuse it for 3-4 seconds.

3) Cut piece of twine and using the matching color Chameleon pens color it partially (just one side).

4) Tie the twine around the panels.

5) Adhere the panels onto the note cards.



We just wanted to end this hop by saying a big thank you to Avery Elle and their Design team for a fabulous inspiration filled week.  Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter here and finally a big drum roll for the winner of the Chameleon 5 pen set.

Lin Brandyberry

Please email me at to claim your prize, if the prize is not claimed by the 4th June the winner will be redrawn.

Also hop on over to Avery Elle here to find out the winner of the $50 gift certificate.