Does The World Really Need Another Alcohol Pen?

The answer is YES!

The team here at Chameleon has been working on the Chameleon Pens for almost three years. We are proud to finally make them available to artists and crafters worldwide!

Chameleon Pens are different than any other alcohol pen. HOW? Chameleon Pens give you the power to change the color tone of your ink. You can get multiple color tones from one pen. Do color transitions, gradations and seamless color blends, effectively giving you a palette in a pen!

Chameleon Pens are not just another “me-too” alcohol pen. There are many wonderful, high-quality, alcohol-based marker systems on the market, but none of them can do what a Chameleon Pen can! Chameleon Pens work great alongside any existing alcohol pens you already own. By adding Chameleon to your arsenal, you can do one pen blends!

Inventor Terry Bolton was an artist.

He understood that color tones were the foundation of all good artwork, because they bring depth and dimension to a picture.


Terry believed that many tonal variations are hidden inside every marker pen, waiting to get out. He wanted to create a pen that wasn’t limited to one flat color, so he would need lots of different pens to create depth and dimension. He invented an elegant system that would help artists do MORE with LESS! 



The patented system that Chameleon inventor Terry Bolton devised, is simple but effective. It allows the user to create simple seamless blends using only ONE pen (instead of using three or four pens). This system is great for first-time alcohol pen users, or folks who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a ton of pens to get blended effects.

The twenty colors give you a good base range to start. You can also go up and down the spectrum, so you essentially have a palette (an entire color family) in every pen.

This is also a great system for Zentangle and mixed media artists, or students who want the ability to add depth and dimension to their art, without the high cost of hundreds of pens. Finally, the system is perfect for folks who have tried other alcohol pen systems, and found it challenging to do color blends. The Chameleon Pen essentially does the blending for you!

We think that, once you get the pens in your hand and give them a try, you will agree – YES, the world does need Chameleon Pens!

Your Wish Came True! Chameleon Pens Are Available!

Baby Instructions

 Baby Card standing wChart

Materials used: Chameleon Art Pens; Crimson Red, Fawn, Grass Green and Warm Sunset, Bark, Penny Black In The Snow and Cupcake stamps, Memento Tuxedo Black and Peanut Brittle inks, Bee Paper, Little B Stars die, Woodware and OLBA leaf punches, Pin Flair Glue and Foam Pads, Co-Ordinations Elements Cardstock and Centura Pearl White card blank.

How To:

Stage 1 Baby

Stamp image onto Bee paper using Memento Tuxedo Black ink.

Stage 2 Baby

Place the mixing chamber on the brush nib of the Fawn pen for about 4 seconds and then color the Baby’s face working from the centre towards the edges. You want the area under the hat to be darker as this would in shadow.

Stage 3 alternative Baby

Colour the Hat, Scarf and Mitts using Crimson Red, Place the mixing chamber on the brush nib for about 4 seconds and then use the hint of color to create highlights where the light would hit the clothing.

Stage 4 Baby part 2

Color the playsuit with Grass Green, leave the mixing chamber on the brush nib for around 10 seconds and then color from the centre towards the edge of the clothes. This will give the baby a rounded appearance. (goes with step 4 part 2 photo) Color the Pom Poms and stars with Warm Sunset, by making one side of the pom pom lighter than the other you give the impression of shape and depth.

Stage 5 Baby alternative

Using Bark color the boots, as the sole of the boot is visible make these lighter than the edges. Then Fussy Cut around the baby.

Stage 5 baby

Ink edges of fawn card with Peanut Brittle and then mount onto green card and then card base. Die cut stars and stamp sentiment from Cupcake stamp set onto one of the smaller star. Punch leaves and then adhere all elements to card using foam pads and Pin Flair glue.